VIE Odor Shield

VIE Odor Shield


Keep your vaping discreet with our odor shield, designed to perfectly fit your VIE Vaporizer. With the shield, odors from the vape mouthpiece and chamber will be sealed and you won’t attract unwanted attention in public!

Combined with VIE’s pre-loadable, patented capsules and zipper case, the odor shield makes the VIE one of the most portable, discreet vaporizers available!


The Odor control cap stops odor from escaping!

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Product Features

  • Seals in escaping odor from the mouthpiece and chamber
  • Designed to snuggly fit your VIE without adding bulk
  • High-grade silicon seals odors without changing flavor of your vape

What's included

  • 1 VIE Odor Shield

Innovative capsule system

The VIE™ vaporizer is best enjoyed with the accompaniment of our patented disposable capsules, which are designed for even heating and easy cleaning. The capsules can be pre-loaded and are discreet, so you’re always ready for any moment. Each vaporizer comes with three herb capsules and one concentrate capsule.

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