VIE Disposable Herb Capsule - 20 Pack

VIE Disposable Herb Capsule - 20 Pack


The VIE has a convenient disposable capsule system, which makes it one of the best portable vaporizers. Load your capsules with the herb of your choice before setting out for the day or night, and never have to worry about drawing unwanted attention while you’re reloading your vaporizer!

You can carry your dry herbs with you wherever you go with these VIE Disposable Herb Capsules.

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Product Features

  • Capsules can be used for dry herb
  • Specially designed heating and airflow systems ensure even heating directly to the herb, delivering maximum flavor
  • Vape capsules are portable and disposable so you always have easy clean up, even while you’re on-the-go
  • Silicon cap ensures capsule is sealed tight inside chamber, keeping your vaporizer clean and guaranteeing even heating
  • Chamber seals tight so you can store your herb for several days without losing quality

What's included

  • 20 Pack of VIE Disposable Dry Herb Capsules

Innovative capsule system

The VIE™ vaporizer is best enjoyed with the accompaniment of our patented disposable capsules, which are designed for even heating and easy cleaning. The capsules can be pre-loaded and are discreet, so you’re always ready for any moment. Each vaporizer comes with three herb capsules and one concentrate capsule.

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