VIE Accessory Kit

VIE Accessory Kit


Keep your vaporizer clean and running like new with the all-in-one VIE Accessory Kit! Equipped with cleaning picks, brushes, and replacement parts, you can be certain your vape experience will always be smooth and packed with flavor.

Each VIE Vaporizer is shipped with a complimentary Accessory Kit.

This VIE Cleaning Kit includes everything you need to maintain your VIE Vaporizer!

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Product Features

  • Specifically designed to clean the VIE chamber and airway
  • Keeps your vaping experience smooth and flavorful
  • Increases the life span and maintains the performance of your VIE Vaporizer
  • Can be used to remove and clean screens

What's included

  • 2 Cleaning Picks
  • 2 Cleaning Brushes
  • 1 Cleaning Cloth
  • 5 Direct Load Screens
  • 2 Chamber Lids
  • 1 SIM Eject Tool

Innovative capsule system

The VIE™ vaporizer is best enjoyed with the accompaniment of our patented disposable capsules, which are designed for even heating and easy cleaning. The capsules can be pre-loaded and are discreet, so you’re always ready for any moment. Each vaporizer comes with three herb capsules and one concentrate capsule.

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