About Us

For herbal enthusiasts who value convenience, vie is the portable vaporizer that provides superior flavor every time. Because Vie’s patented, easy-loading pod system and accurate temperature controls heat the herb evenly, the air path and oven stay clean. No burned taste, just smooth, full flavor without the hassles of other vaporizers-ALL OF THIS AT A FAIR PRICE.


For over three years, we researched consumer needs, talked to users, tested different temperature options, reviewed market trends, and actually listened to real people while perfecting Vie accordingly.


While the closest competition demands outrageous prices, Vie used premium parts and took less margin so our retail partners could pass those savings on to consumers.

User Experience

Our innovation and passion for Vie surpasses general market expectations. With no “burned popcorn taste,” our customers can safely expect a premium, smooth smoke, with no after taste or harshness.


Vie comes complete with everything but your favorite herb. With both dry herb and disposable wax/concentrate capsules, you can load up your pods in the morning and be set for the day. Plus, there is nearly no cleaning when using the capsules.


Handheld and portable, Vie fits easily into your hand, pocket, or purse. There is also a silicon sleeve that covers the mouthpiece and minimizes odors.


At Vie, we’re proud of our accomplishments and we want our customers to know how much we appreciate them. We also want to be a part of the community. So, we’re out and about, being approachable and “real.”