Enjoy Pure Taste (Not Burned)

With advanced heating technology, a patented pod system, and a mouthpiece specially designed to cool the vapor, VieTM creates a pure, satisfying flavor with every puff.

Experience the Convenience of Pods

Disposable and portable pods make loading, reloading, and cleaning a breeze.

Make the Moment Yours

With four temperature settings and the choice of wax or herb pods, the VieTM lets you match whatever your moment calls for – from mellow to wow!

Be Ready Any Time

With a few pre-loaded pods and the portable VieTM, you can be ready for wherever and whenever the moment takes you.

The new

  • "One-button operation, tiny capsules, and an overall polished look..."

  • "Vie truly is a wonder. I keep learning about new features as I use the device."

  • "For all you O.G. herb and concentrate enthusiasts out there, look no further than the Vie."

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